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Behavioural Insights

We are passionate team who has an inherent curiosity for observing, challenging and understanding people and cultural behavior.

We connect the dots between personality traits, motivations, attitudes and aspirations, facilitated  through a broad portfolio of perspectives and tools.


DIGITAL - ONLINE connection with our targets

As consumers have adopted new ways of communicating online, Global Link has evolved its methodologies to keep pace, even more than ever post Covid-19. We have mastered online approaches and communities to harvest posts, comments, photos and video in order to connect and immerse in customers' lives as they're living them -- whether they're at home or on the go.

We leverage mobile technology to stay in tune with people’s experiences and behaviors in the moment, ‘real time’. We integrate qualitative discussions with surveys in innovative ways to dive deeply into the data and extract the "whys".

To stay at the forefront of online qualitative we have new tools and techniques, utilizing the versatile and reliable platform of Cisco Webex successfully conducting groups and interviews online Additionally, our digital ethnography tool INTERdigitACTION, allows us to capture and observe natural behaviors, reactions, and emotions in-the-moment vs being recalled by study participants. We are able to capture their experiences with pictures and videos as they happen and give them the power to tell us the story, in the specific context of each occasion or use.

Global Link conducts online discussions and boards among a wide array of audiences, covering everything from early-stage creative development, social stance on a current issue, consumer profiling/brand exploration, product usage, concept evaluations/optimizations, barriers research, path to purchase, and more.

In Person with our targets

Sometimes the best approach is to simply get a group of consumers in a room and have them start talking – to hear their stories, debate their points of view, or have them see, hold or taste test products. FOCUS GROUPS are an ideal methodology if you are seeking an agile solution for complex topics because we can be flexible, nimble, and adapt our approach as we learn in the field.

Alternatively, and based on research tailor made needs, one-on-one, IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS allow us to connect more deeply with a consumer at a facility, in their home, at the store and online; really anywhere, to provide you with an intimate glimpse into your customers' motivations, behaviors and needs

Our Global Link Live  streaming service also allows for our clients to really be a part of the consumer interaction process, in real time from the comfort of their office via their laptop or tablet.


In Vivo with our targets

Ethnographic research allows us to deeply explore consumer behavior by joining them in their worlds. We immerse ourselves in consumers’ lives to observe and interview them in context, to see things from their perspective and with a holistic understanding. This leads to greater empathy to help our clients put the consumer at the forefront of their minds as they make business decisions.

A consumer's home environment can provide a look into their lifestyle and values, providing context behind their motivations and behaviors. We can learn what brands they have on hand and explore the role each plays in their routines and rituals. We can see them use key products of interest, to identify their processes and workarounds - the frustrations and pain points that can help you pinpoint opportunities for innovation or improvement.

Whether that means spending time with teenagers celebrating at a bar, shopping with a consumer at the local supermarket, or cooking dinner with a family at the end the day, seeing this behavior in their natural habitat leads to rich insights.

We employ a variety of methods for observing and engaging with shoppers in the store to better understand their motivations along the path-to-purchase journey.  From accompanying pre-recruited shoppers to the store to intercepting shoppers for on-the-spot interviews, our moderators provide deep insight into the shopper journey.


Fueling brand growth for our clients

Global Link offers a range of facilitated creative and interactive workshops that push the insights from the research into the next step – whether it is to develop actionable strategies, generate new product ideas, design an experience map, or craft brand positionings.

We collaborate with our clients. Our ideation experts facilitate innovative exercises to expand our clients' thinking around the initial problems or issues and help them see the consumer insight from different angles, empowering them to come up with fresh ideas.

Two principles for ideation are divergence (where we help you generate a breadth of ideas by brainstorming with different stimuli to inspire fresh perspective and creative thinking) and convergence (which applies filters to help prioritize ideas based on strategy, feasibility, brand fit, etc.).

We are always experimenting and implementing new techniques to keep our methods inspiring, creative and fun. That's because when you are having fun, your mind is open to producing new and different ideas - whether you are brainstorming around a product, a service, marketing programs or brand positioning.



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