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Developing myblu: An Innovative Alternative to Smoking

NGP (next generation products) are clearly on a ‘push to go mainstream’ and more than ever before, key players of the tobacco industry are integrating vaping products and heat-not-burn options within portfolios as the growing health consciousness reduces traditional smoking.

In 2017, Imperial Tobacco Hellas was committed to efficiently align with industry shifts. Within this context, ITH wanted to understand the potential of a next generation vaping proposition, Myblu, by gaining insights sourced from current perceptions and consumer target expectations in view of solidifying a strategic business plan formulated by assessing all product mix parameters

Global Link and ITH embarked on a journey towards exploring and identifying the optimum ITH product mix vis-à-vis product portfolio range, formats, pricing, POS distribution channels, effective and targeted communication genres (online digital platforms and tools).

The research process was extensive and unfolded in multiple stages and research approaches –inclusive of consumer needs-based research, brainstorming sessions with stakeholders to identify optimum communication directions for Myblu, final product placement and in-home testing …leading to a successful launch.

ITH implemented the results from the research process and achieved significant results from the first quater. 

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