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Diary Research Study for Always

Research Objective

In the context of our partnership with other international research agencies, we were approached by PMF Plan in order to conduct cross country research project in Greece on behalf of P&G FOR Always one of the leading feminine hygiene product’s brand.

The study was challenging due to its particular methodology which was based on diary tracking, and the nature of the product involved, feminine hygiene product.

Furthermore, the quota sample participants were chosen in a way that provided for having all possible combinations of the product currently used.


Starting with a door to door screening process, we proceeded with recruiting a sample of women all of whom were send link through which we maintained a constant communication with them through our online platform.

Just after recruitment each participant was instructed to buy a particular brand and type of pantie product in order to provide the necessary sample for a brand comparison.

In order to ensure the quality and reliability of the research process, each respondent was required to send us a photo of the pack and barcode purchased, and was instructed to keep the pack available for further checking.

Within 2-3 hours from the usage of each panty, respondents were asked to access the link and complete a diary questionnaire, reporting their experience with the product use.

In the end of the entire process they were instructed to complete a questionnaire, reporting their experiences with the product trial.

Research Findings

Based on the research findings, the company was able to gauge its competitive position, and fine-tune its product appeal to particular market segments, and to gain valuable real time feedback from customers using the product.

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