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Discovering the new Nivea Sun Voice

Beiersdorf, a global personal care company has been caring about skin since 1882 and being close to consumers is fundamental to product development of innovative skin care brands, committed to making people feel good in their skin. Everywhere. Every day.

Today, sun protection is more important than ever, especially in Greece where exposure to sun is a year-round issue. The sensitive segment calls for know-how, responsibility and authority. NIVEA Sun offers high quality, accessible and caring sun protection, always attuned to skin health first and foremostly.

Nevertheless, and beyond the category hygiene factor of protection, sun care also owns a fun, carefree and sensual dimension, especially prevalent during the summer season.

Global Link and BDF Hellas embarked on a journey towards exploring and identifying a more exciting and dynamic - more consumer relevant Nivea Sun ‘voice’.

The research process was extensive and challenging: delving deep in to sun care needs-based research, creative workshops with stakeholders to identify optimum communication platforms for NIVEA Sun and final testing of new insight directions developed by the creative agency team…leading to a successful communication launch.

NIVEA Sun implemented the results from the research process and successfully empowered the NIVEA Sun brand entity and consumer reach, apparent in +15% of value and +13% of volume sell-out growing in all key performance indicators, while registering increased engagement and likability rates.

As a result of the research program and specific recommendations, BDF Hellas has been able to locally develop a 360 communication platform, aiming to revamp brand image, sharpen brand identity and de-dust consumer intimacy and relevance.

Petros Frydas, Brand Manager NIVEA Sun comments: “Trying to give a unique proposition to a brand with such a heritage, deeply rooted on consumers’ minds, requires persistence, patience and excellent insights. Our collaboration with Global Link (to identify and measure those insights) was pivotal to our endeavor to make NIVEA Sun the sun care brand that will empower consumers to…#Own the Summer”

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