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January 2021: Global Link at the Greek Institute of Customer Service

GLOBAL LINK was honoured to be invited by the Greek Institute of Customer Service to conduct a webinar on INTERdigitACTION.

It is an online qualitative research tool developed by GLOBAL LINK which reveals “out of the box” experiential behaviours resulting in enthusiastic and loyal customers.  A platform which allows for a live feed, conversation with consumers and/or interviewers via posts, vlogs, interactions and uploads, capturing in the moment exceptional attitudes and retail activations.

The methodology may be combined with quantitative pre & post customer segmentation to evaluate actions resulting from INTERdigitACTION.

INTERdigitACTION has won prestigious awards:

  • Distinction at the Annual International Conference of Mystery Shopping Professionals Association in Croatia
  • Gold Award in “Innovative Shopper Research” Category at the Shopper Awards of Marketing Week
  • Gold Award in “Innovation in Customer Experience” Category at the National Awards of the Greek Institute of Customer Service

More importantly, apart from award winning, INTERdigitACTION has helped leading companies to improve their customers service by developing new products and services.

The webinar attracted considerable attendance and received an exceptionally high evaluation.



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