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June 2020: Global Link in the 4rth Corporate Responsibility Conference


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic CSR actions have increasingly come under the spotlight, with more than 1,000 companies contributed more than 100 million‎€ already as of mid May 2020. This prompted this year’s Corporate Responsibility Conference, to focus on CSR actions during the  pandemic.

Global Link was invited to present the findings of an online study on ‘’CSR in The Time of COVID-19’’. The study was conducted amongst 150 mid & top-level managers of Greek and international companies.

Selected Research Findings

The majority of companies have a CSR strategy in place, which in most cases has been adjusted and reinforced during pandemic.

Large and multinational companies are more likely to have increased their CSR budget during the outbreak.

There has been a shift in the type of CSR initiatives taken. Companies are moving from actions supporting the environment, education and arts, to actions that reinforce public health, and initiatives that protect the hygiene of front-line employees.

CSR actions are considered to contribute the long-term sustainability of a company, as it is believed that such actions are recognised and appreciated by both clients and employees.

Our View

The research highlighted the healing effect on society when private enterprise and Government join forces.

It generated considerable interest and prompted a discussion on the role and importance of CSR in the post- COVID-19 world.

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