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Marketing Research Study: Learnings from the First Lock down

As a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic accelerates and a new lockdown has been implemented, it is vital for companies to evaluate changes that occur in consumer behavior. 

Global Link conducted an international syndicated research study after the end of the first lockdown-in-July which revealed that in Greece half (50%) of the respondents were either worried or very worried of the pandemic. This is lower than the rest of Europe (56%) as well as Asia (54%) and North America (63%).
The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has also brought major changes in consumers’ habits and routines. Indicatively 1 out of 5 consumers have changed nutritional habits, and the same portion has changed its daily skin care routines. Interestingly young consumers aged up to 34 are more likely to change their habits.

It would be interesting to see what the effect of the second lock down will be and whether it will accelerate trends identified at the first stage of the pandemic.

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