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Organisational Behavior

In our 35 years of practicing marketing research,  we find gaps between company and customer expectations on one hand, and reality on the other.

In order to help our customers deal with these gaps, we have developed a series of low cost / high value diagnostic tools that, they provide both vertical and horizontal insights of the perceptions and views of the company’s executives, line management and front line personnel on the issues under research. Our approach is structured but allows for customising the methodology to the clent companies' idiosyncrasies and the existing sensitivities when it comes to handling people.  



Corporate Culture Research

Starting from the realization that corporate culture is shared, pervasive, enduring and   implicit, our approach is based on defining the typology of our client’s culture and then check whether the embedded culture is aligned with corporate strategy. By identifying the gaps and their causes, our clients can then proceed with implementing changes  in those cultural and managerial elements that are supporting the attainment of the strategic objectives and neutralize or eliminate those that hinder it. Our approach is also incorporating assessment of the culture homogeneity among the different “parts”/Departments of a company that facilitates or blocks synergies.

Our methodology is based on the application of established culture identification and measurement methods, that blend the insights provided by the qualitative methods, with the robustness of the quantitative surveys, to arrive at a deep understanding of the culture related performance drivers.


Employee Performance Surveys

In Global Link we strongly believe that the evaluation of an employee’s performance should not be limited in an annual and narrowly  fixed report examining the employee’s contributions/ strengths and weaknesses. This is because odern organizations have an interactive environment with various stakeholders interacting daily, and a variety of different objectives and strategies often present.

Given this, our goal is to offer our clients a holistic tailor-made evaluation of their workforce. Towards this end, we work closely with HR departments in order to design and implement evaluation indicators, that are directly linked with the organization’s values and goals, but on the same time be flexible enough to reflect the realities and situation within which an employee operates. 

Masurement of these indicators can then be effected by applying survey methods that provide a safe ground for the expression of viewpoints of the employees.


Executive and personnel skills research

Given the appreciation of the human resources as an indispensable asset and source of competitive advantage, we help our clients design and execute research based strategies for developing their people’s skills and competencies.

In doing so, we start by investigating the “status quo” of the “people factor” as a company “asset” used in its strategy. By then linking the conclusions, to the skills required in order to accelerate the achievement of the departmental and company objectives, we proceed with providing directions that lead to the optimisation of the efficiency and effectiveness of all the people driven initiatives.

Our methodological approach is based on close co-operation with the HR and the Top management of our clients, and the application of widely acceptable assessment tools that, combined with qualitative methods, enable us to draw a reliable and detailed enough picture that is then used by the HR departments for their people development action plans.



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